Inspiration to Quote from Qu’ran from Christian Newspaper

I sometimes look at certain judgments as a challenge.  When I read from a Christian newspaper that they look for someone on the left who never really quotes the Qu’ran, I had to fish out that Qu’ran that I bought in order try to understand the Muslim way of thinking.  I mean it’s just weird that they make this judgment about the left and do not even try to challenge Trump’s behavior.  Seriously, he might be making certain provisions for Christians but that’s to impress Christians so they will will not question things like his involvement with Playboy magazine, his past adultery, and other sins.  So why persecute those on the left of government and Muslims when they won’t even acknowledge someone in the Republican party also has faults?

Well anyway, to me it is a challenge to quote from the Qu’ran even though I am not even on the left or Muslim.  References to God as merciful or doing good to others is good are quoted at much length on this page:  So if they can say that God is merciful, then we have no reason to impose the idea everything they do is wrong in comparison to Christianity.

Another page I can present for reading is here: This shows some similarities between Bible verses in both the Old and New Testaments.  The Old Testament is essentially the Hebrew Bible.  Anyhow, again there isn’t a whole lot that is in this quotes that people would find particularly wrong.

I found this passage in the book very interesting:  This is saying a lesson anyone should be able to follow–doing good is the freeing of a slave, helping an orphan or the needy, feeding those who are hungry, etc.  So there are some good points to what some of the Qu’ran says.

Yes, I know they do not believe the same as a Christian, but I am not going to dismiss them as bad just because they debate points of Christianity with a different view or they have verses about war on their enemies.  With Islam, it seems to depend on each person’s point of view how they should take this and what they should put into practice regarding others.

Indeed, there are some who actually that may try to persecute Christians for their beliefs.  We can’t just say an entire group or religion is bad because they don’t agree with us, however.  They may have laws that they carried for a long time that cause them to do this rather than what they believe in.  I think a lot has to do with personal point of view when reading the Qu’ran just like some people interpret Bible passages differently.  Sure there are major differences, but it doesn’t make an entire group of people the enemy or bad.

In conclusion, we must take away two points from this.  We need to stop judging or placing the blame on people because they believe differently or have a few bad examples among them.  The other is we need to learn to grow up and communicate like adults–we might just learn something.




Contrasting Prophets and Seers vs. Psychics

I have decided to post the link to another of my sites here.   The fact is I could have posted it here because it also has to do with the theme of this blog.  If you are interested in this contrast you might want to click on the link below:

This should give a person all they need to know about the author’s viewpoint.  Thanks for reading!


Repost: Religion VS Religion

This post is in referral to something I posted on my wisdom and philosophy blog.  We can probably agree that religion can be philosophical but not all philosophy is religious.  This is why I decided to separate religious and spirituality posts to this page.  However, I thought I could post a couple of old posts from the other blog here as they have to do with the selected theme: